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What is Precision Reflexology?

Precision Reflexology was developed in Devon by Pru Miskin over 25 years ago. It is a light touch technique that accesses a person's subtle energy by 'linking' two or more reflex points simultaneously. Using the fingertips delicately, the reflexologist senses the pulse that can be detected running between the points. Working intuitively, the points will be released when the energy has changed. 

Precision work responds to the needs of each individual and aims to maintain natural balance. As with other forms of reflexology, it focuses on stimulating 'reflex points' on the feet in order to maintain good health. These reflex points relate to various parts of the body. 

Experienced therapists use this approach with accuracy and sensitivity and accept that the body is a dynamic energy system which is constantly changing. Despite the gentleness of the fingertip linking, the effects may be powerful, with the person feeling detached from their physical body and with a deep sense of calm. The technique is received differently by each person: some feel responses isolated to the feet, while others feel reactions in the relevant areas of the body. 

Healing may occur when the body is deeply relaxed and it's energy can be channeled inward.

It is currently being developed and taught by Jan Williamson at the School of Precision Reflexology in Devon as a postgraduate course for qualified reflexologists. 


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