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What is Reflexology?

Holistic Therapy

Reflexology is a system of pressures applied to the soles of the feet or hands corresponding to different parts of the body that directs the body’s own healing energy throughout. The aim is to restore and maintain a balanced state of health and well-being.

Every part of the body is believed to be connected by energy pathways that end in the feet, hands and head. These reflexes are worked over in a precise and systematic way, so that each reflex point, when stimulated, will have an effect on another part of the body. By applying controlled pressure, the body is encouraged to achieve its own natural state of wholeness and balance.

In holistic medicine, emphasis is given to the integral relationship of body, mind and spirit including the influence of social and environmental factors with the understanding that prolonged adverse stress in one area will ultimately influence another.

As an holistic therapy, reflexology works with all aspects of a person’s life, encouraging positive ownership of health. It acts as reinforcement to conventional medicine, often speeding up post-operative recovery rates, boosting self-esteem and elevating the spirit.


The earliest recording of reflexology as a therapy is from an Egyptian tomb drawing, circa 2350BC.

Reflexology has grown out of traditional Chinese medicine, originating in China several thousand years ago, which included acupuncture, acupressure and holistic massage. Modern or Western reflexology is attributed to Dr William Fitzgerald, an American ear, nose and throat surgeon in the early 1900s, and Eunice Ingham shortly after, whereby the feet were ‘mapped’ to represent the entire body.

By accessing and applying controlled pressures to the reflexes on the feet, corresponding body areas can be treated in a sequential routine.

More history and information about modern reflexology.

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