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A free consultation will be taken with your first appointment. Please allow an extra 30 minutes for this.

1 hour of reflexology                   £40
Half an hour of reflexology          £30
90 minutes of reflexology            £55
(Over 60's pay £5 less)


Buy a block of 5 sessions and get the 6th treatment free.

£5 off a treatment for existing clients when you refer a friend.



Gift vouchers make ideal presents for birthdays, Christmas and other special occasions, etc.

Vouchers available - £30, £40 and £55

The initial consultation will last for about 30 minutes, where we will discuss your health and lifestyle and the reason for which you are seeking an appointment.


This will enable me to draw up your individual therapy plan and gives you time to ask any questions.

I want you to feel relaxed and as comfortable as possible. After we have agreed on your therapy plan, you can remove your socks and alight onto the massage couch.


Once you are comfortable, the session starts with relaxation techniques on your feet and lower legs, adjusting the pressure to suit.


A full session will take around 45 minutes and then we will discuss aftercare and any observations before planning your next appointment.



Before each session, I will listen to your comments/ feedback to assess where you are and what you need, whether it’s a case of fatigue, physical pain/difficulty or an emotional issue.

At the start, I will spend time on breath & breathing techniques and employ a variety of light-touch, firm or deep pressure moves throughout; and ‘holding’ your feet towards the end of each session to allow your body/mind to process any shifts or adjustments.

Everyone is different and our bodies may respond uniquely. It is possible to feel an improvement after one session, although it may be advisable that a course of appointment sessions would be more beneficial, for instance 6–8 sessions, followed up with monthly ‘maintenance’ appointments in order to maintain the positive effects.


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