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"Cheryl has been my reflexologist for the last 7 years. She is a skilled professional with vast knowledge, experience and expertise in the art of reflexology. She is very kind, caring and considerate. Her friendly manner quickly puts you at ease so you can relax and benefit from your treatment.
Both my physical and mental health have greatly improved having Cheryl as my reflexologist.
Thank you very much. "


"My reflexology sessions with Cheryl gave me a sense of calm at an overwhelming time, enabled me to get a good nightís sleep and relieved pain and tension in my neck, shoulders and back.
It was a space where I felt safe enough to really relax and take time for myself which allowed me to deal with my beloved husbandís terminal diagnosis and death; and my feelings of anger, sadness and despair."

Yvonne Murray

"I first went to Cheryl before an upcoming opera competition when I had lost my voice due to stressÖ.
I immediately calmed and found that reflexology was a way for me to completely relax. Cheryl was so supportive and helped me with other techniques.
I was able to compete and am very grateful! Iíve been going ever since and look forward to every visit!"

Jess Robinson

"Have sorely missed my treatment during Covid. Really helps with my ailments and mobility.
Always makes me feel relaxed."


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